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I’m struggling to create one-of-a kind internet business, something a real “doozy “, one would resolved pressing challenges about online entrepreneur problems. I’ve gone through a lot of sites, reading a lot of newsletters, advertisements, had high hopes for new ideas, but it was all flash in the pan, issues were all redundant, nothing fresh and you guys throw a lot of sound ideas at me which made me a bit confusing.

I believe everyone would agree and we’re on the same page that social marketing has conquered part of the world, at least the internet world. And we’re on the same boat to say that internet has a lot of opportunities to offer. When you hear someone is generating a thousand of dollars on the internet, working only a few hours...it’s really tempting to jump in the bandwagon, so the question are HWW. (How, where and why)

In a few days, I’ll have my own domain courtesy of my son, a SEO professional. I would like to start with some proven methods and techniques which I believe I am in the right direction, at least my initial leap. I believe and trust in all your advices. Thanks for sharing with me your medium, social marketing programs, the ins and outs of internet marketing.

My remarkable preparation is supported by professionals and experts in the internet entrepreneurs to give my best and know the ropes to the technical sides of internet marketing. I know this is not easy, even Rome was not built in one day but without a doubt, I know I’ll be heading an extra mile.

Now I am setting up my computer, and start to outsource all technical tasks and get ready to turn my time to build a customer and reap the profits!!!!

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