How To Make Your Blog Keywords Friendly

When you are establishing your blog, make sure that you utilize the accurate magic strategy of marketing free tools and resources or surf around the net to discover what I mean. Always be cautious on free tools, there are some fly-by-nights tools, with hidden catches, a sure no-win situation.

Of course, there are reliable tools and resources that are cost-effective and free to harmonize your existing tools at no cost at all, to strengthen your site and, make it stickier and a user-friendly site. Make your keywords effective to find potential audience and customers. Once your business is established, use keywords that will attract the people who are most likely have the interest or buy your products, and you need those keywords throughout your web pages.

Mom Online Entrepreneur Joins Hubpages “Eat, Drink and Be Hubbalicious Contest

I had every intention of preparing a new recipes on every holiday season, but ooopsss... but more often I got utterly sidetracked of my daughter , that’s Joy, “you should not cooked that way” .  I felt my brain is completely fried whenever I hear these unpleasant remarks.

Courting Your Ideal Customer

"In business, you get what you want by giving other people what they want."
Alice MacDougall

Winning Results with Google AdWords, Second EditionGoogle AdWords is nothing more or less than a medium for direct marketing. So every now and then, I put away my books about the latest online techniques and reach for the classic texts.Here's some of what you can learn from the old masters:
There are three elements to any direct-marketing offer -- the offer itself, the creative, and the list.
The offer is the thing you're selling.
The creative is the copy you use to let people know about the offer.
The list is the group of people who will see the creative.
The list is more important than the creative or the offer.
It doesn't matter how good the product, or how well you build desire for it. If you're selling to people who aren't interested in the product, can't afford it, or don't like you, it ain't gonna work.
The entire art of direct marketing, in fact, consists of matching offers to lists with appropriate creative copy.
So it's useful to know as much about your market as possible.
Copywriting guru Ken McCarthy says it's more important to know your market than the techniques of marketing.
Online marketing guru Perry Marshall says that every commercial failure represents a lack of knowledge about the prospect.
Groucho Marx says, "Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read."
And I say, keep reading to discover two simple exercises that can help you speak to your ideal customer persuasively and with emotional impact.
What Is an Ideal Customer?
Your ideal customer is the one who absolutely should buy your product or service. It's just perfect for them. They have the need, they have the money, they have the buy-in of any other stakeholders (spouses, parents, co-workers, etc.), and they have a natural affinity for you and your company.
Here's a quick and dirty "Ideal Customer" test:
When you think of them buying from your competitor, you become overwrought.
You hyperventilate. You sweat. You want to drive to their house and shake some sense into them.
The 7-Step Ideal Customer Exercise
1. Find a blank sheet of paper. (I recommend using pen and paper, not a computer, for this exercise.)
2. Take several deep breaths and relax as much as you can. (If you wake up several hours later with drool all over your paper, you obviously needed the sleep. Get a fresh sheet and continue.)
3. Imagine that you are your ideal prospect.

  • What's your name? (Really, give yourself a name. Don't skip this because it seems silly.)

  • What's your age? Marital status? Do you have kids?

  • Where do you work? What do you do for a living?

  • What do you look like?

  • What do you believe in?

  • What communities do you belong to?

  • What really ticks you off?

  • Who do you want to be like?

  • What's your role as you perform your online search for this product/service? Parent? Hobbyist? Employee?

  • What's important to you about your performance in that role? To be a hero? To avoid mistakes? To look good? To have fun?
4. Now imagine your ideal customer at the exact moment he or she is about to search Google for your main keyword.
5. At the top of the paper, write the following:
"If I could only..."
And complete that thought from the point of view of your prospect. What are you hoping for? What are you afraid of? How will you know when you've found the right solution?
Talk about the emotional as well as technical aspects of the task. Is it fun? Something you're looking forward to solving? Are you worried about failing? About making a mistake? Who might be judging or second-guessing you? What triggered your search? Your choice of keywords?
Write at least two paragraphs, more if you like. Try to fill the page with the thoughts and emotions of your ideal customer, as they relate to this search.
6. When you're done, search Google for your main keyword and look at the search results page from your ideal customer's eyes.
Do any of the ads or organic listings really speak to you?
What do you (as your ideal prospect) want the ad to say? What do you want to be promised? By whom?
7. Now take a fresh sheet of paper and start writing ads for your ideal customer. Don't edit or critique them -- just brainstorm and come up with at least five different ones.
Pay special attention to the headlines. Can you say something in the headline that immediately shows your ideal prospect that you understand him or her in a deeper way than anyone else?
The Alternative (Even More Powerful) Method:
Do the above exercise with a partner. Tell him about your ideal customer, and read him what you wrote after "If I could only..." Then have them sit and write ads for you for about 10 minutes.
You'll be amazed at the results!
Case Study
When Perry Marshall's roundtable group went through this exercise, Jamey and Joey Bridges of OnlineRealEstateSuccess.com raved about getting nine new ads to test in just six minutes.
While it's great when someone raves about an exercise right after doing it, that doesn't always translate into business results. So I contacted Joey to see what happened.
Joey wrote back:
"The concept that we came up with through the exercise was eliminating the term 'Real estate marketing' from the headline of the ad. While that used to work, it made us look like everyone else.
"We decided that we need to reach directly to our target customer -- a real estate agent who needed more leads and wanted more leads from marketing, not cold calling.
"By changing the headline, our click through rate (CTR) jumped from 2.15% to 3.01%."
So... definitely take advantage of other people's brains when you can!
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Cool Tool by Google To Market Your Business Online

Google. com is kinda spokesperson of advertising online. Millions of visitors each day, Google is more than a key resources that every online entrepreneur can use to promote their online business.  As an advertising avenue Google is the easiest lane that every entrepreneur should know.  It’s not just a search engine; Google has a variety of services, a cool tool to promote your online business.

Now, to understand more let's see the key resources you can use to promote your online business.

1. Web Search
Google is the easiest way to us for free advertising. I know this is not very easy for the new starters, to achieve the highest ranking possible, but with the basic of getting the right keywords on your website to increase your popularity will help your website get on its way to the top. Catch the eye of your audience, if you want to get listed, make your first paragraph of the text count since Google looks at the first block of text.

2. Sitemaps
There is Google's spiders which constantly index your web pages, to predict accurately when they'll visit your site. It crawl your pages, however, it's uncertain that they've indexed all your web pages in one time, may be just a part of your site every single visit.

3. AdSense
This is a Google's affiliate program which ads that is visible on your website.  You'll get a percentage whenever a visitor clicks on these ads that sit on your website.  This is free to use, in other words, you are compensated each time it clicks. Sounds cool! As Google knows which ads would match to appear on your website, informative content and sales pitches.

4.  Adwords
 Google's AdWords  are ads that you create to promote your business and that Google works for you. Now that you have all the information you need to promote your business with Google, remember Google's philosophy: "Focus on the user and all else will follow." Every step of your business should be about solving a problem for your customer. Google's services and tools will help you achieve that. are three features Adwords creating advertising opportunities:
·         On the right side of the page next to Google's "organic" search results
·         On other sites as AdSense ads
·         Alongside your e-mail messages in Gmail
With Google AdWord ads, you're in control of how much they cost.  AdWords members create their own ads and bid on the keywords they want to trigger the appearance of their ads on Google and its member sites. The moment you submit your ad is posted within minutes and who knows, your ads may be featured as one of the "sponsored sites" .Googles ranking formula isn't simply calculated on the amount of money one does bid on the keyword, moreover, the formula looks kinda like this:
CPC (cost per click) x CTR (click-through rate) = Ranking

Everything has been figured out; the cool tools you need to promote your business with Google. Oh! one thing we should not forget:
The Google's Philosophy -
"Focus on the user, and all else will follow"

Get Massive Traffic on Over 10000 Google Indexed blogs

Introducing a new way to get massive traffic by creating a quality, relevant backlinks to your web site. This service allows to add 4 different types of permanent text links on over 10000 different blog web sites with hundreds of different topics. It provides a unique benefit with regards to increasing search engine rankings an link popularity. Learn from Textlinks.com, they offer a promo for 21 days free trial. Register for an account and enjoy this amazing benefits:
  • Ability to place a variety of different text links on over 10,000 Google indexed blogs
  • All text links are lifetime permanent links
  • Ability to point text links to an unlimited number of domains and subpages
  • Ability to have unlimited number of varied anchor texts
  • Ability to place your links on relevant blogs based on keyword searches
  • Easy to use control panel interface
  • Simple reporting telling how many and where you placed your text links
  • Ability to place your text links at your own pace
  • Ability to add YouTube videos and images into your Blog Post at no additional cost
  • Ability to add up to 3 text links in each Blog Post at no additional cost
  • All links are monitored. If one is ever removed, your link credits are returned to your account
Textlinks.com offers 4 different types of text links to choose from: Each of your text links can be managed from a simple user control panel which will allow you to search and browse for the best and most relevant blogs on which to add your text links.

1.  Contextual Links
2.  Blog Posts Links
3.  Sidebar Links
4.  Footer Links  

Why Your Business Should Consider Blogging

In Blogging, it offers a lot of potential benefits, of course aside from generating new sales.
A blog is a good  communicator directly to reach out your customer without any pressure.  You can show your expertise, the strength of your product or services, a platform that your competitors don't know. This allows a better understanding of your company's profile as well as your credibility to customers.

A blog is within reach of your customer needs. You can make use this to promote your new products and even more modify existing items.

Blog is approachable. Very essential marketing tool, with your personal touch it boost your customer impressions.

Blogs are very easy to set up and update, with no training required.

Make Your Blog Popular

My question is, "Do you have a blog?" Next, I want to know, "How do you market your blog?"  Wella, Of course if people doesn't know about your website, the relevant question of "How" will still remain. That's why promoting and marketing your website is very important, both online and offline to make website visible in the places you target. Mom Online Entrepreneur have some suggestions, very simple ideas that maybe other hasn't thought of.

Get involved in the largest social networks, join forums and have at least one blog. Create a video, take time to respond to questions or problems or start a discussion. Like for example, when someone requested to add on your Facebook group, go..go.. for it, the word spreads virally through that person's and will continue to grow, people enjoy joining groups to meet people, buy products or services based on their friends' recommendations. 
Another thing I highly encouraged you to set up a Google Alert for your blog. You will be notified immediately when someone blogs about you, your company or your products via e-mail or RSS (feed). A good way for further interactive communication.
Lastly, set up a profile page on Facebook. When you encounter requesting for information about anything you wish to respond, share them what they’re asking.  And above all, the process is free; simply will not have much of your time to do this.

Fighting Blog Boredom

What do you do if you run of ideas? It happens nearly to everyone. isn’t it? Your mind is blocked, can’t think of any topic.  You feel you’re losing ground or maybe tired of what you do or you’re bored.

Need to be recharged to the next round of your blog?

As your Mom Online Entrepreneur, here are some suggestions that would energize to boost your enthusiasm.

 For a change, try something different, simply attend seminar or a conference you’ve always wanted to go.  Get involved and from there you can write articles and publicize in your blog.  You can regain your passion in this new field like trainings at universities or local groups.

One way to refresh your mind and insulate yourself, if you’re “having one of these days” is to meet the professionals and mentors to give you advice at the stage of your career.  Nothing is better than to talk to someone to discuss your business ideas and concern. 

One real great mood booster is to take time to check the positive testimonials you received, visit their site and reply.

More people are becoming successful on blogging even in this down economy, and you are not exception to the rule.

Jump into the next step of becoming savvier about “what’s next” to boost your blog to the next level.  

How To Promote Your Blog On TV Ads

by Mom Online Entrepreneur, Erlyn O. Santillan

Okay, you’re a blogger... not a producer? Right? No fancy stuff here..  I’m sure you want more audience, where the idea of advertising a blog on TV comes in.
 FYI, with the introduction of Google TV, which is a part of Google Adwords run your ads on network via television. Awesome huh! Beforrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeee... be on the television, seen by a big crowd, obviously, a big deal. NOW, I reveal with Google TV nothing is unachievable. Your Blog advertisement will be on air on national TV shows.  You’ve probably  noticed some TV ads show web addresses, that’s how they make it, statistics shows how bloggers spend time on multitasking, now a very relaxing type, just sitting on a couch with your TV on and with your laptop open.
It sounds amazing huh! Choose the price you prefer, apparently, the more you pay, a surefire that the more audience you’re likely to reach. Technology speaking, TV is one of the highly prized medium that would reach a broad audience and with global channels; you are on the road to specific audiences. People depend on TV commercials information about their items of interest.
Furthermore, people don’t have much time go through reading long scripts, like, you might flop with very tiring long ads with the typical promotional tools, but on TV ads they are visual and effortless to take any information.  The same thing, TV ads work for the same reason, driving traffics and more revenues.
Be on the same boat; target the right audience with TV ads. A good time to try, find a great payoff and the chance that your simple blog could fill the demands on a major TV show and surprisingly reach more audience than you ever could imagine.
Here’s How Google TV works
The process is pretty simple: (Inc. June 2009 Google TV The Start-Up Guru)
1.    Create an account with Google AdWords set up your campaign. There you’ll find the process to select the audience size, how to set your bid, your choice of budget, and select when do you want to start and end your campaign.
2.    You’ll find different programs available. If you have a blog about entrepreneur, maybe you want to run your ad on Mom Online Entrepreneur.  If your blog is about the souvenirs and giveaways perhaps you want Sweets4Keeps.
3.    Now, it’s time to upload your TV commercial just like uploading process on any other video. Follow the specifications to follow.
4.    You can track your ads and adjust as needed. Here you can view where your ads run and the estimated number of people viewing your ads (called impressions), and other statistics.
How to create TV ads
You really can’t go wrong, (Grow Your Business with Google AdWords : 7 Quick and Easy Secrets for Reaching More Customers with the World's #1 Search Engine)if you just follow the process correctly and take some simple tips. I know some bloggers want a cost effective to promote their blogs. Pretty simple.  Everything has been figured out here, as long as you target your ads and follow a simple formula, you don’t need any supernatural to work.
Good luck!!! Try and experiment Google TV, I’d love to hear yours!Visit other popular sites and learn from them - Magical Worlds of the Wizard of Ads, to powerfully brand your company.

Let's all Blog!

Build a Million Dollar on Blog Side Business

Web and log, when you put these two words together, it means Blog.  Who are blogging? Businesses are doing it, Moms are active on this, neighbors do it, and even kids are into blogging now.

Blog which simply referred as online journal has gone beyond as full-pledged phenomenon.  Mine is -

Mom Online Entrepreneur is a premium resource for those who wants to go into Online Entrepreneur Blogging.  It offers related information how to promote small businesses by strategic marketing tools and social networking.

The beauty of "Mom Online Entrepreneur is using the power of  "Blog" for customer relations, advertising, promotion and more internal communications. I may sound excited about this but I've seen a lot of businesses growing and continuously growing by blogging to keep their customers updated of their products and services. With a simple blog, your site can go to one place to another and keep up on business via link to similar sites and you can receive comments from other sites.

Connect and connect, that's the basic of Blogging.  Expert sees blogs as one of the mainstream feature of business websites.  Feel the Internet world and the magic tools by visiting popular sites.

Are You Ready to Blog?

Are you ready to spread your wings? I know most of small business entrepreneurs want to start a cost effective and free to spread their business.  One of the best way I've learned is through Blogging.  It's a popular approach to start introducing your business, people will learn from your blog and it can drive traffic, and a surefire that you can get more potential clients.

Well, honestly I am the last mom and online entrepreneur to start blogging. Blog has been a word of mouth and I don't want  totally missed the boat.  Before, I've got a lot of questions about Blog.  I am just a reader not a writer, everyday I discovered blogs are becoming famous, now I am one of the millions who get started and continuously growing as online entrepreneur blogger.  When I learned the basics, I would say I find it a perfect tool to reach out a big audience.  I spend my free time on the internet, earning from the comfort of my home and there rest I got from my friends online support.

When I start blogging, I learned the different platforms to choose from: -

1.  Wordpress.com
2.  Blogger.com
3.  Blog.com
4.  Vox.com
5.  MoveableType.com

To be one, and start blogging is very simple and easy,  here are the steps:
  •  Choose your blogging provided above.
  •  Be creative, personalize your blog by using their templates and images.
  •  Write what's on your mind.
  •  When you publish your blog, put the URL on your site.
  •  Update your blog regularly.  People are very enthusiastic about  informative and latest articles.
As mom online entrepreneur, my blog helps me to reach out a wide audience and join forums in the same position. In addition of spreading my wings is to post on other blogs too.  In this way, I get my blog link online, and this helps me increase my search engine ranking. You can do the same way, find personal and business blogs where it will be relevant to share your business.

Another tip is to visit Entrepreneur.com.  They share a lot of marketing tool information about starting your blog.  Everything has been figured out here, ready for you to jump on the bandwagon, see you all there!!!

"Sweets for Keeps"

This blog about the Sponge Bob theme birthday party was possibly one of the best souvenirs designed by “Sweets for Keeps” by Ms. Kath Tizon , I’ve ever received.

Ms. Kath Tizon, a Mom Online Entrepreneur sees great potential in creating souvenirs and giveaways that brings a sense of remembrance of any historical celebrations.

Fresh off,  a May’s birthday party and baptismal of Jeanelle Santillan at El Palacio Hotel, Cavite, I noticed Ms. Kath Tizon; online entrepreneur is making a path by connecting herself to different guests.  She sees great potential in creating souvenirs and giveaways that brings a sense of remembrance of any historical celebrations.  Recently, her “Sweets for Keeps” souvenirs and giveaway business receives tremendous remarks. The elegant souvenir she showed us won’t break your budget, she bring out all her fabulous samples, Oh! Everything looks so lovely! The quality is inspiring and looks like edible and yummy. Lucky guest who had the chance to have one of her souvenir item.  It’s not a surprise that she got bulk orders both online and off.  “Sweet for Keeps” caters to all different occasion and started to create a big buzz in the market.  Her fantastic way to get her brand originality attracted users and traffic, obviously, her personal touch to the site helps her, turn her visitors to big sales.  Her theme ideas and expertise in creating a unique theme of any occasion contributes amazing fun of your special day turns into an exciting memory for guests. Whether it’s a big blow out or a small party, Kath carries practical and personalized keepsake for the guest.  Cupcake Towel with a small miniature of Sponge Bob might be the cutest I’ve ever seen, loved the place of settings on top.

Congratulation to “Sweets for Keeps”, I am beyond vowed, all the best, hope you’ll grow to major category into online destination.

In the meantime, “Sweets for Keeps” is keeping busy on their new selections, and building more business into online. Thanks too for sharing exceptional ideas to us.  I know you have lots of help to those who wants to get the same business as yours, the standard you hold is so admirable and something to aspire to.

The Beauty of Online Entrepreneurs

"Look at growth, look at how much time people spend on the Net and look at the variety of things that they are doing. It's all really good, so I am actually encouraged by the fundamentals that underlie usage growth on the Net".  By Meg Whitman 

Start Your Own Online Education BusinessIf you're doing a business of your own and you don't sell via online, not by any means, my dear your method is behind the time.  For sure you were not born yesterday, ding the universe and spread your wings.  It's not enough to have your business waiting for a miracle of tact; you have to dig deeper, sail in through the direction of the grinning customers.  

I'm sure you don't want to stick on a small retail store, goals enable if you wish to fulfil your dreams. You definitely want more customers and expecting them to keep coming back to you and hopefully stay with your product or services forever. Maybe you are thinking now. What’s this all about?  Just a little hype.  This is not just an ordinary Online Store.  This is a service that would connect your online business on the island to recommend to your customers.

 This is the beauty of Online Store.  By way of promoting to different search engines creates traffic and generates massive revenues.  It's very simple for an online entrepreneur to take more sales and transact their dealings online quickly. Create one and get started.  Have your online store sailing, get your own domain name, and surefire, your online store will be a big hit.  It is very convenient for you to set up a PayPal Account to allow your clients to pay via PayPal or credit card.

So what are you waiting for?  Everything has been figure out, rise up and hear the bells, occupy the internet world into action, Create One and be one of the successful online entrepreneurs.

Star Performing Strategy To Increase Your Online Sales

by Erlyn O. Santillan

Traffic Overdrive - Top Traffic Building Strategies That Can Put Your Website On The High Traffics Of The Internet Highway!"Strike while the iron is Hot” is the focal point of every internet users, and while the law of competition in the internet world may be sometimes hard, every second changes, and confused which port one is sailing or favourable winds to work best for you, it’s just because something doesn’t do when you planned it to do doesn’t mean it’s useless, you just never realized the stratagem of lightning the fire, the star performing strategy, SHINE!  It speeded up what you want to be, what you want to gain.  There’s a lot of room for improvement, move forward, changes are inevitable-except from a vending machine. 
Anyone who rejects changes is an architect of decay, if there’s anything you want and what doesn’t, to discover what works to increase your sales is a formula of success, not to have tried on anything is the true test of failure. Get ready for the opportunity it brings you, the high bounce of your online sales when you hit the bottom.
Star Performing Strategy#1 Try just one product on your home page.
 Analyze your customer most demands.  Create a clean homepage, don’t mess us with a lot of your products thinking it would gain a higher sales.  The truth is, the less product with full descriptions realized higher returns. What do I mean? The measure of your sales is not whether you have a large scale of products to promote.  FOCUS is the single ingredient. Promote your lead product to your target audience and this is a surefire, you visitors will turn into buyers offering them-one good and quality product, see how it increases your sales.
For your other products, you can lead your audience to other pages or by using follow up offers.
Star Performing Strategy#2 Boost your Opt-ins with Personal Touch
Keep in touch with your subscribers and customer’s on a daily basis.  Set up e-mail’s addresses to build and strengthen your relationships of trust and credibility.  Your opt-in offer is the easiest tool to gather these dates and offer them your best in line products or services.
The opt-in offer shows the blow on how many subscribers you magnetize?
I suggest a prominent place of your opt-in offer on your home page, if let’s assume you don’t prefer a long sales letter. More often visitor’s eyes are drawn on the top left of page—the area first visible to a visitor.  However, in a long sales letter, it is best to place within your second page of text which means you’ve already caught your visitor’s attention. Or catch the fancy of placing your opt-in-offer on every page of your website, obviously, the more sign-up prospects of subscribers you’ll achieved.
Star Performing Strategy#3 Give a big blow to promote your hover ads.
Who is not familiar with pop-ups?  A very useful tool “pop up” window when you visit a website.  Sometimes, internet users hate this tool because some software automatically blocked pop-ups to a certain site which results to miss some related information that they need.
Strike hover ads, a new technology which perform like pop-ups so then you don’t get blocked.  Test this on your site, and you’ll be amazed how your sales increased. It is tested to every growing online entrepreneurs and continuously growing businesses because of this important info, your opt-in-offer limited-time promotion, just right in the eyes of your targeted customers.
Furthermore, by placing your opt-on offer in your hover add, you will benefit a quick advance on the number of your subscriptions, and what’s more is it analyze the number of people clicks your special product page through a hover ad against a regular link you maintain on your homepage.
You should have a maximum of five minutes to convince people to stay on your site, your headline has to capture interest and twist reading more of your sales offer letter.
First Impression Is Lasting, as they say, if you want to attract a big crowd, gives a real bang to your headline.  “Deadly” for others, if you put all your thoughts to these strategies, Oh, it’s a real surefire; you’ve got to lotsa, lotsa profits. One tip, a headline that tells about your products  and benefits will drive results and boost traffic and a good reason to continue reading the rest of your pages.
Star Performing Strategy #5: Always be a Star
Show your dramatic action how you can resolve a problem.  Just a few sentences will do to back-up your headline, evidence your personal touch to their needs.
Once the confidence is established, take the time to launch the usefulness of your product that persuades customers to believe they need your product or services.
Test #6: Add credibility to your copy--and enhance your visitors' trust in you. 
Sales letter is more than just a letter.  It is important to understand the elements of your sales copy.
Credibility is at stake here, it’s yourself that speaks about your product which makes them trust you and feel comfortable to deal more in the future. A marketing piece that would lead to a great return of your investment. The single technique to effectively communicate with your visitors - Establish your credibility by sharing your testimonials evidently from e-mails from your customers. Express your personal touch and your concern to solve your customer problem. The same thing, your customers’ testimonials that shows how effective your product was and the benefits that says something like, “Your product is great!”
Feeling Star! Outline your credentials, experiences and background info related to your website that sees you more credible and qualified to meet your target customers’ needs

Fulfill Your Dreams

"Look at growth, look at how much time people spend on the Net and look at the variety of things that they are doing. It's all really good, so I am actually encouraged by the fundamentals that underlie usage growth on the Net".  By Meg Whitman

If you're doing a business of your own and you don't sell via online, not by any means, my dear your method is behind the time.  For sure you were not born yesterday, ding the universe and spread your wings.  It's not enough to have your business waiting for a miracle of tact; you have to dig deeper, sail in through the direction of the grinning customers.

I'm sure you don't want to stick on a small retail store, goals enable if you wish to fulfil your dreams. You definitely want more customers and expecting them to keep coming back to you and hopefully stay with your product or services forever. Maybe you are thinking now. What’s this all about?  Just a little hype.  This is not just an ordinary Online Store.  This is a service that would connect your online business on the island to recommend to your customers.

 This is the beauty of Online Store.  By way of promoting to different search engines creates traffic and generates massive revenues.  It's very simple for an online entrepreneur to take more sales and transact their dealings online quickly. Create one and get started.  Have your online store sailing, get your own domain name, and surefire, your online store will be a big hit.  It is very convenient for you to set up a PayPal Account to allow your clients to pay via PayPal or credit card.

So what are you waiting for?  Everything has been figure out, rise up and hear the bells, occupy the internet world into action, Create One and be one of the successful online entrepreneurs.

Blog All About It

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!! 

Nowadays, people doesn't exactly need to spend on any paper, people  have been healthy migrating to online news and growing continuously watching every updates. By creating an informative blog, this forge as online morning news journal and this personal connection to readers adds more traffic and definitely generates massive revenues. So I encouraged you to publish breaking news as frequently, quality content and useful articles.

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A Quick Look on Blogging Laws

Blogging Laws 

A blogger makes one an international journalist and considered "the media" subject of a libel suit.  If something is true is not libel, fair and neutral reporting is a defense, so be aware that your messages are visible to a wide audience and that you may be subjected to libelous comment and libel laws standard in other countries maybe even stricter.
  • False statement leads you to libel case, so when blogging for certain individuals, be careful on the statement you write on your blog that may lead to libel.  Your blog is accessible to the readers worldwide and you might touch a person's credibility and reputation. 
  • Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, however choose carefully the news you are trying to  dessiminate to the readers most especially in case of public figures and government issues.  Be certain that what you are writing are based on facts.
  • Study your rights as a .Blogger.  Act responsibly when publishing information that is accessible around wide readers. A libel action is subject even no one else is reading what you've posted, as long as it's in the internet for publishing purposes.
  • The Courts consider as defense in defamation cases if what you posted is based on facts, reporting it is not a libel.  If you get the  proof of consent before publishing any reports, you can’t  be sued for libel. By way of neutral reporting is a sure defense,  Specify "in my opinion"  to protect yourself from any libelous action, in case someone monitor your blog, and never put an offensive comments comments.
Learn from "A Legal Guide for Bloggers" which offers ways to avoid legal and other defamation issues.  Electronic Frontier Foundation, a non-profit organization, Visit their site http://www.eff.org/issues/bloggers, whose aim is to protect You and Me who use digital media.

Respect and Accept the Result of 2010 Philippine Election

Philippine Sen. Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III is healthy leading in the election result of 2010 Philippine Election  for the Philippines' presidency, followed by Joseph Estrada and ranking third Manny Villar, as early official results from National Elections.

Updates as of today: Four of presidential candidates concedes and congratulate Sen. Noynoy Aquino for what they see a sure victory. Nacionalista Party Villar was the first to admit deafeat, followed by Sen. Richard Gordon  and Lakas-Kampi-CMD's Gilberto Teodoro Jr. followed Villar's steps.

Sen. Manuel "Manny" Villar Jr. in a press conference at his Laurel House in Mandaluyong City.
On Sen. Jingoy's Estrada announcement a few minutes ago, reports about his father Joseph Estrada not  yet conceding to presidential frontrunner Sen. Benigno "Noynoy"Aquino. Former Pres. Erap Estrada will wait until the final and official canvass results of the automated election.

Partial Report  latest partial official results of the Presidential May 10, 2010 National Elections from the Commission on Elections (Comelec).

Time:  14:07, May 11, 2010

AQUINO,BENIGNO III                                        13,036.094
ESTRADA, JOSEPH ESTRADA                          8,345,794
VILLAR MANUEL, JR.                                           4,680,508
TEODORO GILBERTO JR                                   3,470,044
VILLANUEVA EDDIE                                                976,176
GORDON RICHARD                                                446,193
PERLAS NICANOR                                                  46,139
MADRIGAL MARI ANA CONSUELO                       39,847
DE LOS REYES JOHN CARLOS                            37,726

Vice- Presidential candidate Bro. Eddie Villanueva  and Edu Manzano admitted defeat  in the country's first ever nationwide automated elections.