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Do you know that with the entire bad situation the” doom and gloom” of the economy, great marketers see the slump down of the country as something else. For media there is no slow news days for a time and the headlines has been a better time to make an extra pay check online with a minimal amount of time and effort.

A  perfect part-time business is very simple to start. If you have an internet connection you can get started, it just require a little time and no technical expertise, working at the comfort of your home, trouble-free and easy to maintain with a minimal hours a week and a good credibility to be successful.

Ignore the prediction as the doomsayers. Centre on the fundamentals with good products, best value to offer, to generate good traffic, and your devotion to nurture your website. Test more diligently. Study the market that needs attention, and attend to it. One important and perfect criteria to a much more likely to be successful if you do you find fun and interesting. When you learn it by heart, it’s a surefire; you’ll make extra cash moonlighting on the internet. Sounds easy noh!!

To succeed as Online Entrepreneur you gotta be your own best friend. Here are the four best ways, directly from the experts to make extra cash on the internet.

1. Be resourceful. The internet provides with a lot of information on the questions of “How”. Consider your hobbies and interest practically can be turned into extra cash. No need to be an expert as long you share informative materials. People go online and enthusiastic for latest information, and who knows, you could be one of the smart guy.

2. eBay. We’re all familiar eBay as one of the leading marketplaces which makes it easy money to get your own business going. Register with ebay, it doesn’t require tons of time and effort, open an account to get started within a few hours, it’s done and you’ll start making money.

3. Affiliate programs. This includes referral business. You are being paid through a referral commission for sending people to sites that are set up to pay affiliate fees once a sale is completed. Perhaps this is one of the slow-moving ways to generate revenue because you’re selling without any product interaction with customers. Otherwise, there are some affiliates programs that are a good match like ClickBank.com, a good place to get for more ideas.

4. Blogging. The very famous of them all. This method is going well who get pleasure in communicating on a specific subject. It’s like a journal with a particular topic, as long as you have something to write and starts getting traffic you’ll have a higher chance for financial success. You can earn in both types like Adsense and a bit of affiliate marketing of money making strategies.

There you have it—four perfect easy online businesses. Are you ready earning your stripes on the internet now?


Twitter an "Amazing Tool" Says WHP Robert Gibbs

In a recent interview with the White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, he said with high regards the Internet Twitter site is such an "amazing tool" and a "fabulous medium", according to the report of Associated Press. We all know that Twitter has only 140 characters, Robert Gibbs says Twitter also challenges him to boil his thoughts down to the maximum allowed 140 characters.

How To Formulate a Profit Online?

No matter what your business is, your chief focus is the modern approach and techniques to expand your profits streams to boost up your revenues. I am a big believer of going online for any business. Whether you’re an small-town veterinarian, printing proprietor, a simple beauty salon, a home based business food caterer, or anything that I mentioned, it’s a surefire that you can profit from selling your service online. Don’t worry about some features, at first manage a sensible plan and get your business off the ground. You can go back and fine tune it later.

Osama bin Laden Using Social Networking Facebook

According to report of The Times of India and The Sun in the UK, on April 17 that "Al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden is reportedly using social networking website Facebook as a platform to publicize videos and speeches to Islamic militants." The reports spread out to say the page was named, "The leader of the Mujahideen, Osama bin Laden" and his address as "the mountains of the world."
Osama bin Laden Has Been Caught? Social Networking With A Facebook Page?

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Business Growth Strategies

Dear Frustrated Business Owner or Executive,

To paraphrase noted international marketing super star Jay Abraham in his “Parthenon Principle”…“Most business owners discount the fact that by improving your results by just 10% in each area of your business; the cumulative result will be a doubling of your financial outcome.”

What if you could improve your results by just 10% in any area of your business? Let's face it; every business has a few holes in it. These are areas where we need to improve or risk losing more profits.

A business “Black Hole” if you will. How many holes do you have in your profit system?

Making Money With Adsense

With Google AdSense, you can run Google advertising on your website or blog – and get paid every time your visitors click on those ads.

There are hundreds of ways to drive traffic to your website. Some of them are free, and others cost money. The trick is to get “targeted” traffic. By that, I mean visitors who are likely to be interested in the content on your website and in the Google AdSense ads you’re running.

Want More Sales, Avoid These Seven Deadly Sins

By Drayton Bird

So let's look not at what makes for good copy, but at why most copy stinks. Because until you banish the bad, how can you hope to succeed?

How to Start a Kiosk Business - Entrepreneur.com

How to Start a Kiosk Business - Entrepreneur.com

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What You Don't Know About SEO - Entrepreneur.com

What You Don't Know About SEO - Entrepreneur.com

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Kin One & Kin Two Smartphones from Microsoft

Hang out for the new pair of smartphones designed by Microsoft as social networking devices, as part of the process from the threats implied by Apple iphone and Google Android phones. Microsoft create a stronger and complete technology device and prepare the release in the U. S. next month, and you'll find the good reason to be excited about what Microsoft has done.

The second exciting thing is, of all the smartphones, the Kin one and the Kin two pair of smartphones feature the real-time instant messaging and social media services.

Is Your Teen Safe From Using Facebook?

Facebook Established a Safety Centre

Finally, Facebook created a Safety Centre to make sure of the millions users are safety on the line. Key focus for this Safety Center is structured into four security issues: Safety for Educator, Safety for Law Enforcers, Safety for Parents and Safety for Teens.

The newly redesigned Safety Centre which launched Tuesday, primarily concern is internet security to constantly help the users to find the answer to safety question in minutes. Privacy Settings are simple to-do as how to block users, discard unwanted content from profile page and incognito report abusive and offensive behaviour.

"I believe that it is essential to strive users networking safety and quality improvement program, since internet users are vulnerable to a lot of abusive behaviour, of course we always hope our teen would not be a victim of any cyber bulled and this newly redesigned Safety Centre on Facebook is a valuable tool to assume that our teens are not at risk”.

Cheats Secret Codes for Mafia Wars

Share these with your friends, Twitters and Facebook.

Whenever my friends caught me online, they won’t stop requesting about secret codes or cheats to get them ahead in the current hot game in Facebook “Mafia Wars”. Cheat codes are used to be the best Mafias, how to win your fights and a lot more secrets. There are some secrets, but of course it’s on Facebook Strategy Guide and these secrets are unknown to all.

I have seen a lot of my friends in FB playing this Mafia Wars, I wanted to share some tips to you guys, instead of hunting cheats, In Mafia Wars, take into account that the more family members a mob has, the stronger they are. So it is important to keep the mob family growing. And you can do these by inviting some friends to join, link to other players and reciprocate when players join your family. Be sure each team members carry a defensive tool. There are different strategies and tips for a Mob Boss to accumulate wealth, some focus on more jobs while other are more involved in property acquisitions.

There maybe some little tricky strategies that will get you advance, and without violating any rules, I wish you can share it with others too.

Official Twitter App for BlackBerry

Experience the full featured Tweeter app for your BlackBerry, RIM marking its latest move, has released a beta of its official Twitter app for BlackBerry.

The new app supports all the social networking services and obviously can follow other Twitter feeds and receive direct messages. The multi task feature allows users to post tweets, search, upload a picture directly to Twitter and support URL shortening links. The long awaiting wish list of the users is now on the table so you can set up instantly directly to Twitter.

As mentioned by RIM( Research In Motion) earlier, Twitter for BlackBerry is still a beta, don’t fret though, those who are eager trying it out can try this free app from BlackBerry App World or at blackberry.com/twitter.

Twitter in iPhone

It’s too convenient that Twitter announced that it acquired Tweetie, the trendy Twitter application for the iPhone that users have long sought. This application on iPhone had been on the users high wish list. Now that Twitter acquired Tweetie, Twitter makes it easy for the people to navigate their accounts.


Tweets are Sweets

After yesterday’s post on Blog Means Dollars, I decided to follow up with steps should you take to increase your followers on Twitter. Recently, Twitter announced a limit to follow people a day. Some reacted on this issue, meaning it will be more difficult to rapidly increase Twitter followers count and to get thousands of followers back are gone.

Follow erlyn1958 on Twitter Twitter as a means of social interaction and an effective marketing platform presents a direct channel to customers. I am a Home-based Mom with four grown up kids when I signed up in Twitter in 2008. Now, I’m encouraged of the new wave of online business inspired entrepreneurs. Somehow, I am brand as "online entrepreneur" without ever calling myself as one and I felt they already knew me in Twitter.

The latest information issued by market researcher Kelsey Group point out that 9 percent of small businesses now exercise Twitter accounts as public relations hot tool. The uses of Twitter as a way of being available are without limit. Provided you keep up and stay connected, not only with other entrepreneurs, but also some other companies, marketing experts and more, nothing is more effortless, an equally simple and you will benefit. The bottom line is Twitter chirrup a magic charm.

How to increase your Twitter followers?

Remember a few tweets are important at first to build dynamic viewers. Familiarize yourself with the process and in the course of action spend a moment or two what other users are hammering about on Twitter. Draw on some tools like “Find People” search, post a few lines @reply to people who are tracking on you, join and respond to topics to become aware of you and may choose to follow as well.

Don’t just be broadcasters. It’s a good gesture to know your Twitter followers and whom you are following. Use the Twitter search function to acquaint yourself to your industry and the groups talking about on the same forte. If you’ll learn this by heart, and do right things on Twitter, fresh and sweet twits will come on you following every day. What’s more! Establish a good reputation, a side view of yourself to those you follow and those who follow you. Picture yourself if you come across these people personally, it’s always an ethical to introduce yourself to get to know something about you. And most of all, express your gratitude, “a simple thanks” for those who follow you. And one last reminder when you start tweeting, you can find me @ Online Entrepreneurs.

11 Characteristics of Highly Influential Blogs - Creating a Successful Blog

1. Consistency. Readers want lots of posts, and "neglected content may inadvertently translate to neglecting your readers too."

2. Eloquence. Read a lot, write well and proofread. Weinberg's favorite bloggers "always have something insightful to say," and "their content exudes intelligence and occasional wit."

11 Characteristics of Highly Influential Blogs - Ceating a Successful Blog - Entrepreneur.com

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10 Blogs to Write Today

1. Write a tribute to your mentor.

2. Ask an insightful question, and let your readers write a post for you--via their comments.

3. Show your employees having fun.

10 Blogs to Write Today - Entrepreneur.com

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Blog Means Dollars


There’s no reason why you can’t wake up early today to find Google Adsense earnings has grown while you were sleeping. All this from your Blogging income stream. It’s the very same strategy that’s been used by Online Entrepreneur (yours truly) and my colleagues.  Whether you’re looking for the ideal way to make great money in your spare time at home … or if you’re already active as a blogger or direct marketer… I have exciting story to share.

Before no one has ever been skeptical of blogging as earning opportunity, no one else, than yours truly. I paid attention to the hype. And I find myself on the same boat in disbelief as I watched so-called Internet Creative thinker stumble over themselves explaining its wonders. So then I experienced Blogger. I set up my blog, facilitate Google Adsense, hey! It works! I see$$$....

Online Entrepreneurs
A Quick Start-Up Guide to Online Entrepreneur

Well, I think even if you never make a cent with it … I think you’ll like Blogger and you’ll get probably get sticked!

I want to share with you and I have to say if you follow my strategy for generating traffic and getting your blog noticed ,I’m certain you’ll like it even more. It’s easy and only takes a minute to create a blog on the Blogger website. And it’s free of charge and there is practically no maintenance required. Share your thoughts, post photos and videos and personalize your blog with themes and gadgets and more. Set up Google’s AdSense on your blog, to start making money immediately.

What Is Blog?

A blog is an online journal. you can update, edit, publish it instantly. The good about it you can share it with your friends, family or your choice of reader, and they can post comments on your blog – if you want them to. You can post images, music, and videos, too. There are some secret I’ve discovered to making money with blogs, I am not an expert but I hope this approach of my blog strategy will generate massive traffic on your blog too.

The Secret to Making Money With a Blog

There are trendy blogs and received a lot more traffic. You need lots of traffic to make money with a blog, I mean targeted traffic. To start with, focus on people that already has a built-in-demand and obviously you will draw their attention. If you’ll notice and review popular blogs, the three most popular sectors in the internet world are social topics (politics, gripes, news, dating) technology (programming, web-related and software development) and personalities.

If you want to magnet a targeted audience quickly launch a blog that’s going to make a profit , consider and stick closely to these areas. Base to one of the three famous subjects: social topics, technology and personalities.

A Blog Traffic Secret

This is a surefire. You can gain more traffic by submitting your blog’s URL into Google and lots of other engines and directories. One more little secret that will enhance your traffic even more: Choose a name of your blog in style to match popular search keywords in Google, Yahoo and MSN. For example, the five most popular search terms in Google’s "Health and Family" category were:

• weight loss
• nutrition
• parenting
• medicine
• babies

These terms have been searched continously on Google. Be creative. Sense the public demand and tie one of these terms to your blog. Maybe, a name something like Baby-Nutrition News. And when someone search Google that match specific interest, your blog could appear in their search results of the major engines – and you’ll start receiving targeted search traffic.

Don’t forget Google’s AdSense running on your blog – or alternateive program that pays you every time an ad is clicked.

Sign Up Now and Get Started

Set up your blog, Go to Blogger website
Choose Google "Adsense" option.
In a few minutes, you'll blogging!!


"As Elizabeth Arden say, Everyone has the right to be beautiful."

Author: Erlyn Santillan
Page Title: How much money will you spend on makeup for a lifetime?
Site Title: Erlyn Santillan, How much money will you spend on makeup for a lifefime?,Online Entrepreneurs

Facebook Cafe World Cheats

Cafe World Tricks

1. When you're offline and not logged on FB, make sure your avatar is still on the go for cooking. If you're busy and won't be able to be online for a couple of days, be sure to prepare foods that will sustain your customer for intended days.

2.Make sure you remove your door when there is no food available to be served.

3.Take time to visit and check out your neighbors to gain more Cafe World coins.

4.Install 2 door to gain more customers.

5.The cooking time spent on food is simply proportional,the longer it took you to cook the food, the longer its spoilage time will be.

Morning Rewinds at Cafe World

There are lots of games in FB like Mafia Wars, Farmville/Farm Town, Restaurant City, Cafe World and many more that would stick you to FB every day. The latest game I played is Cafe World where you'll see the screen shot of "Morning Rewinds" at Cafe World my dream cafe' restaurant, it's nice to wind up here every morning with friends before I start blogging. I love the cakes and pies they served and it's open daily, the good thing about it ... my cafe restaurant is always full, no reservations, hassle-free, anytime you can visit and check what's in there. Ha..ha.. I hope this is for real!!! How I wish I've got one like this, it's all in the net - Cafe World..yes..I became a fan of it. The funny side of it is you can't talk to the waitress, they communicate thru gestures...serve and continue to serve the whole day.

it really makes me happy and enjoy my day with "Morning Rewinds" at Cafe World. See you there.. Try and make one for yourself, you'll love it too, only on Facebook!!!

How to Make a Beaded Earrings

Entrepreneur.com.ph | Your partner in Business, Money Matters, Franchising, Sales and Marketing

Don't Just Be Good, Be Known

Back in the day when I was just starting to work my way as online entrepreneur I made it a point to establish myself in the entrepreneur wide reputation and as an up-and-comer to get involved in the internet marketing industry. A few weeks on the internet, I spent my time plucking money making ideas from a pre-made products, adsense, social marketing and articles writing.

One of the major obstacles faced by online entrepreneurs is Blog Ranking. It’s not a hush-hush technique, a precise and decorous linkage and spots a proper collaboration with other blogger within your forte. I have specified bags of post in my blog particularly apt to Blogging and SEO.

Corner your market with your own niche. Focus on the core group of users that make up your niche successful.

A niche engine is a targeted searching and exploring tool. So instead of searching millions of Web pages on Google to find, say, entrepreneur, a person could search with your niche engine that’s devoted to websites in just that one particular market. Countless opportunities are out there just waiting for you. Get your hands-on to accumulate a profitable search engine, it takes various tech savy, once you completed the task, the rest is easy.

Promoting Your Niche Engine

The top secret for any niche engine is Internet marketing. And to ramp up a rapid Internet traffic to your niche engine, I vouch the superlative conqueror for fast-start promotional tactics:

PPC advertising (Pay-per-Click). The Most popular PPC networks are Google and Yahoo! and they can be very effective.

High-end search engine optimization (SEO). This is the category of SEO that analyzes; examine in details every section of your niche engine, especially if it conveys to the top 10 search engines.

Targeted advertising. This simply means advertising with e-zines, blogs, websites, directories, and other social networking sites that are a natural fit and healthy for the subject of your niche engine.

Mass media. If your niche engine is a high-flying engine that reaches a large audience, you could receive mind-boggling levels of traffic. But running after a mass media editors and journalists can be a bunch of work – without an exchange in return. One alternative is to obtain a unique and publicize to targeted media, editors, and journalists.

One of the best kept hush-hush on the Internet is that all the major search engines and directories tend to give other search engines high rankings on their results pages. Why? Because they grant more credence to a spot that have relevant content. And there are few things on the Internet more relevant than search engines!

Submit your niche engine into all of the foremost search engines, and if your site is ranked high-up famous, you could receive gigantic traffic… absolutely free.