april 1

Just like to greet my daughter April Lyn on her birthday today April 1. We love you so much. I'll pray for your good health and wishing you all the best in life.

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Top 10 Most Devastating TV Couple Splits

Now, you see them, Now, you don't.

Today, you’ll see them on screen so sweet and caring, right before the public eye, a pledge of love that cannot be broken, hear the lines worthy of being so much in love---a few months back, t’was like a bomb dropped that rocked like an earthquake, it was a shocking split. Showbiz is unpredictable. Now you see them, now you don’t. Showbiz is a real-life drama captured by a camera. Every action, conversation piece, is like a “telenovela” that keeps rolling, we hang around and see what’s next.

Honestly, I am a fan of a hot couple Concert Queen Pops Fernandez with Concert Martin Nievera of the Philippines Showbiz and get hooked on the entire drama of their lives. I could relate and even take sides. When it was relayed to media as proof of their separation, I am one of their devotees who felt sad hoping to mend the fences soon. I even rushed to the newspaper stand to grab a copy of the magazine of their split revelation. Now their lives is open to the public, seeing light at the end of the tunnel, the Concert Queen Pops Fernandez with truthful qualities worked hard that endear her to the public.

The issues of split-up in showbiz is not hot, it’s blazing!

I’ve line-up Top 10 considered as the hottest TV couple celebrities shocking split that shook the Philippines movie industry.

1. Gabby Concepcion & Sharon Cuneta
2. Yilmaz Bektaz & Ruffa Gutierrez
3. Pops Fernandez & Martin Nieverra
4. Jomari Yllana & Aiko Melendez
5. Carmina Villaroel & Rustom Padilla
6. Dennis Padilla & Marjorie Barretto
7. Robin Padilla & Liezel Sicangco
8. Ogie Alcacid & Michelle Van Eimeren
9. Christopher de Leon & Nora Aunor.
10. Ramon Christopher & Lotlot de Leon

From the lavish nuptials and vows of “till death do us part” their love and trust for the rest of their lives followed by grandeous wedding reception once in a lifetime event turned out to hit the roof of pressure of home sweet home and end to get out of the kitchen. Marriage is not a rocket science. “Marriage is that relation between man and woman in which the independence is equal, the dependence mutual, and the obligation reciprocal,” by Louis K. Anspacher.

Was it jealousy? Is there a third party involved? or maybe a man’s man? Whatever reason why most TV personalities or movie celebrities marriage is on the rebound, we should not throw stones for faults they have themselves; Let us respect their privacy in their difficult times.
As the American Journalist, Helen Rowland said “When two people decide to get a divorce, it isn't a sign that they "don't understand" one another, but a sign that they have, at last, begun to.”

How To Be Friends With Famous Person?

There was a time when they said mixing yourself with famous and rich people is no-no. – “It’s a too hard-edged personality, and deserves a high respect.” Don’t dwell on the sad fact that it clearly takes a lot of effort to be friends with media magnet, public figure or a high-class persona. I will take comfort in the fact that being a friend of a famous person will elevate everyone they touch.

I had a huge circle of friends and didn’t feel to need to get any closer than necessary with my colleagues until six months ago when my brother commissioned me to create a debutante ball of her daughter, it made me so proud, everything inspires me when I met a woman, from the big picture of philosophies to little gestures that go a long way. Miss Lani Mercado, brand as famous in the heady world of show business and wife of Senator Ramon (Bong) Revilla of Senate of the Philippines. At first I expect her to be a certain way, but she just isn’t. I felt her warm when started talking about herself and her plans in the community. You expect that the famous and rich blood flowing through her veins would make her somewhat intimidatingly proper, but as she lets fly with her tireless charity works you feel that idea of humanitarianism. We talked a lot of inspiring topics–she opened the door for me to be noticed of my creativity in the event management, sat comfortably in the living room, happily watching on the plasma screen and the rest is history.

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ll end up only staring at the stars like a fool. Get off from that chair and these tips are simple things and doable, there’s no excuse to not being befriend with them, at least shake their hands. The first baby step you need to consider is to know their personality. Nothing would please them if you compliment on their achievements and success. Log on and introduced yourself, comment on their recent project. Nothing goes to waste on this path. Many people start through online conversation find drawn into a longer friendship. Choose the right spot, like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter and stay alert with—information, upcoming event and their whereabouts. The idea is to speed-way one-on-one with them. Make it your goal to speak first, so it’s especially important to your overall strategies to touch your goal. As you move around, you also tend to interact with other prominent people around the cubicle. This keeps your standard level high from your colleagues.

There’s nothing better than taking on something that’s absolutely new. Once you fit in the role of making friends with the famous, everything becomes mechanical. At the same time it give us confidence to look more deeper into ourselves and not be afraid to embrace an exciting unknown, opening our nous to all that is there out now.

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Follow the Leader


Search Engine Optimisation Course

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A Quick Start-Up Guide to Online Entrepreneur

TODAY’S WORD – “online entrepreneur”

“If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful” by Jeff Bezoz.

I would like to start by saying Hurrah!!! Online Entrepreneur is doing great. Since I just started recently, I received a lot of good feedbacks and good publicity. It’s really a unique experience, at least in the online world. My goal to help people to start business in the Internet from scratch and guide them through all the way is a good feeling. Just recently, I received a bunch of request of OE newsletters subscriptions and it’s so encouraging to know more and more are interested breaking into online entrepreneurship. Online Entrepreneur Free Newsletters are informative articles to help you get started. This category includes Internet/Marketing, Business Skills, Self-Improvement, Homebased Business packed with full money making ideas.

To start your online business is not really a hard task, once you have decided your line and your target, – that’s how it goes.

So the first move is knowing your customers. List down all the people you’ve known for years and consider them as one of your targets so you could decide on your mind what suits their wants and needs. This is simple marketing strategy of promoting your products when you know whom you are selling.

As the famous Elizabeth Arden says, “Repetition makes reputation and reputation makes customers”.
Word of Mouth is another marketing strategy that brings your product to expand into more potential buyers. People will remember your product easily if they see and talk about it repeatedly several times.

Advertise your product. Build an internet base, a good website that is possible to provide an overall clear picture of your product.

Join some relevant forums for your online business. There are free forums in the net where you will hit customers or maybe receive good feedbacks complimenting your products, either find great opportunities in terms of partnerships.

Spend a little like free samples of your product to build a good way of promotion. It won’t hurt you, it’s a unique idea you never thought of, but might work wonders.

Above all, be open to suggestions, “what’s in their mind, is important, whether criticism or a compliments, it’s part of your business plan, the more people talk about you and your product the more the chance of getting successful.

Get Paid from a Simple Interview

All of you who demanded to know how one can get paid for making a simple interview; this is the agenda, simple and clear. Even a newbie can do this with truly extra ordinary people – successful entrepreneurs, hot celebrities, or even unfamiliar personality but made a recent big hit are the targets. They may be“hard-to-get” personalities but there are easy ways to hunt sites from Google news and other websites for specific information available on line.

This is a surefire if you hit the mark for the public.

On a friendly footing, sending email with a professional introduction about you to build a good and credible reputation and a courteous telephone call to request for an appointment at their convenient time is the initial leap for a specific interview. Successful interview means you were able to obtain best information you need to leg up your readers. Once you get the approval to interview, be sure you are prepared for the particular questions to ask. Try to cater topics that socialize hot current issues to be more interesting. Listen carefully to all the details of their answer. Be sure to jot down all the notes or record with a tape recorder so you won’t miss the entire interview.

Once the interview is completed, do some fine tuning for a quality content to make it more interesting and powerful to attract publicity. Then offer your interview articles to different content hungry publisher, potential business publication and get paid, or post to ezine article, to your website, or other major website to generate tons of traffics. This is what you call the power of interviewing. You’ll get paid interviewing different personalities.

In brief, through submissions of your article interviews, your name is exposed to potential publishers you certainly did a sound profit.

Act On Your Dream

"GOOGLE" a household word


How would you want to be called? My mom chose a very short name for me that’s why I did not had a hard time to pronounce and in writing as well when I was in grades school. The reason she named me “erlyn” she said “she remembered a student of her class who is smart in debate and English composition. There are lots of beautiful names out there, example I named my daughter “Joy” because of her sweet face, a girl named after a place which represents the beauty and culture. The 711 convenient store named after their store hours from 7:00 am up to 11:00 p.m. And so on and so forth...

Whether it’s one of the unique name in the world, it’s not necessarily your name is the name of your website, though, some you can find the very usual case. Without further ado, a domain name is characterized as a collective word visitors typed directly in the browser in searching your site. In choosing your domain name, it must be remembered that short names are very effective. Google, Yahoo, Twitter are known examples, which at first glance a nonsensical word, but this search engine become a household word today. They are single word, and easy to memorize. Short and simple name are effective for your domain name. Be creative and a bit of common sense, of course you don’t want your visitor to land in your competitor site, personal taste is what you really need. It’s not a rocket science; it’s your personal preference.

The secret is whatever name you choose for your website, don’t be frustrated, it doesn’t matter, it’s what the traffic that counts. Buy old domain, it works too! If you think you may confuse your visitor with your domain name with a similar name, try to buy that name too.