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From Mark Bowden
Marketing Tips UK

Dear Internet Business Owner

Is your website appearing near the top of Yahoo MSN & Google for search terms relating to your business?

If not then you're missing out on a huge share of free traffic and customers.

But don't worry on the next page I'm going to share with you the secret to obtaining first page listings on all the major search engines like Yahoo, MSN, Bing and the biggest of them all Google.

In other words...

Now, although we could use "Pay Per Click" to advertise in these positions this comes with two major problems.

#1) It can be very expensive for you to pay for your traffic under your main search phrases.

#2) Pay per click visitors are far less likely to purchase from you than visitors finding you in the natural free positions.

What I'm about to show you will allow help you get on to the first page of Google allowing you to tap in to thousands of highly targeted visitors FOR FREE!

However, I hear all kinds of bad information about search engine optimisation so let's bust the top 4 search engine optimisation myths first!

"The Top 4 Search Engine Optimisation Myths"

SEO Myth Number 1:

"You have to pay Google to appear on the first page".

WRONG! You can use pay per click to advertise in the sponsored listing spaces but the main search page listings are completely free and you never pay a penny to anyone to appear in that place regardless of the amount of traffic you receive from them.

SEO Myth Number 2:

"You need to have a personal relationship with someone inside Google because they manually arrange the results on the first few pages".

WRONG! Google uses search engines spiders and an algorithm which determines which websites are indexed and in what order.

SEO Myth Number 3:

"Only large corporate business can get on the first page of Google".

WRONG! whilst they might have a good SEO campaign no weight is placed on the size of your company by Google or any of the other major search engines.

SEO Myth Number 4:

"Only websites that have been live for a long time can appear on the first page of Google".

WRONG! We have launched new websites that have been index and appearing on the fist page of Google in under 1 week!

Over the last five years we have obtained hundreds maybe even thousands of number one and page one positions on Google that have cost nothing to acquire.

Number one positions that drive thousands of highly targeted visitors day after day for free.

Take A Look At The "LIVE" Results (PROOF) From Both Our Own Websites And Clients Of Marketing Tips UK.

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