How To Be Friends With Famous Person?

There was a time when they said mixing yourself with famous and rich people is no-no. – “It’s a too hard-edged personality, and deserves a high respect.” Don’t dwell on the sad fact that it clearly takes a lot of effort to be friends with media magnet, public figure or a high-class persona. I will take comfort in the fact that being a friend of a famous person will elevate everyone they touch.

I had a huge circle of friends and didn’t feel to need to get any closer than necessary with my colleagues until six months ago when my brother commissioned me to create a debutante ball of her daughter, it made me so proud, everything inspires me when I met a woman, from the big picture of philosophies to little gestures that go a long way. Miss Lani Mercado, brand as famous in the heady world of show business and wife of Senator Ramon (Bong) Revilla of Senate of the Philippines. At first I expect her to be a certain way, but she just isn’t. I felt her warm when started talking about herself and her plans in the community. You expect that the famous and rich blood flowing through her veins would make her somewhat intimidatingly proper, but as she lets fly with her tireless charity works you feel that idea of humanitarianism. We talked a lot of inspiring topics–she opened the door for me to be noticed of my creativity in the event management, sat comfortably in the living room, happily watching on the plasma screen and the rest is history.

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ll end up only staring at the stars like a fool. Get off from that chair and these tips are simple things and doable, there’s no excuse to not being befriend with them, at least shake their hands. The first baby step you need to consider is to know their personality. Nothing would please them if you compliment on their achievements and success. Log on and introduced yourself, comment on their recent project. Nothing goes to waste on this path. Many people start through online conversation find drawn into a longer friendship. Choose the right spot, like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter and stay alert with—information, upcoming event and their whereabouts. The idea is to speed-way one-on-one with them. Make it your goal to speak first, so it’s especially important to your overall strategies to touch your goal. As you move around, you also tend to interact with other prominent people around the cubicle. This keeps your standard level high from your colleagues.

There’s nothing better than taking on something that’s absolutely new. Once you fit in the role of making friends with the famous, everything becomes mechanical. At the same time it give us confidence to look more deeper into ourselves and not be afraid to embrace an exciting unknown, opening our nous to all that is there out now.

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