A New Tool for Aspiring Marketers

Now, there’s a very easy way to get your online newsletter started. Yahoo has a component called “group publishing” that allows you to start your own e-list and publish to that list whenever you want. For free. It’s so user-friendly that even someone with very little technical knowledge (like me) can set it up without any assistance. All you do is go to Yahoo and click on the “groups” link. It’s self-explanatory from there.

With this tool, I began to publish an e-newsletter for screenwriters to promote my screenwriting consulting business. Within the first month, this led to $5,000 in consulting fees, so it really paid off for me. The downside is that all of your messages will include ads from competitors – and you don’t earn anything from them. (That’s how Yahoo makes money with this service. Its software matches pay-per-click ads in its system to your content.) Nevertheless, if you want to start an e-newsletter and don’t want to commit any capital, this is a way to do it.

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