Cheats Secret Codes for Mafia Wars

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Whenever my friends caught me online, they won’t stop requesting about secret codes or cheats to get them ahead in the current hot game in Facebook “Mafia Wars”. Cheat codes are used to be the best Mafias, how to win your fights and a lot more secrets. There are some secrets, but of course it’s on Facebook Strategy Guide and these secrets are unknown to all.

I have seen a lot of my friends in FB playing this Mafia Wars, I wanted to share some tips to you guys, instead of hunting cheats, In Mafia Wars, take into account that the more family members a mob has, the stronger they are. So it is important to keep the mob family growing. And you can do these by inviting some friends to join, link to other players and reciprocate when players join your family. Be sure each team members carry a defensive tool. There are different strategies and tips for a Mob Boss to accumulate wealth, some focus on more jobs while other are more involved in property acquisitions.

There maybe some little tricky strategies that will get you advance, and without violating any rules, I wish you can share it with others too.

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