Morning Rewinds at Cafe World

There are lots of games in FB like Mafia Wars, Farmville/Farm Town, Restaurant City, Cafe World and many more that would stick you to FB every day. The latest game I played is Cafe World where you'll see the screen shot of "Morning Rewinds" at Cafe World my dream cafe' restaurant, it's nice to wind up here every morning with friends before I start blogging. I love the cakes and pies they served and it's open daily, the good thing about it ... my cafe restaurant is always full, no reservations, hassle-free, anytime you can visit and check what's in there. Ha..ha.. I hope this is for real!!! How I wish I've got one like this, it's all in the net - Cafe World..yes..I became a fan of it. The funny side of it is you can't talk to the waitress, they communicate thru gestures...serve and continue to serve the whole day.

it really makes me happy and enjoy my day with "Morning Rewinds" at Cafe World. See you there.. Try and make one for yourself, you'll love it too, only on Facebook!!!

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