Star Performing Strategy To Increase Your Online Sales

by Erlyn O. Santillan

Traffic Overdrive - Top Traffic Building Strategies That Can Put Your Website On The High Traffics Of The Internet Highway!"Strike while the iron is Hot” is the focal point of every internet users, and while the law of competition in the internet world may be sometimes hard, every second changes, and confused which port one is sailing or favourable winds to work best for you, it’s just because something doesn’t do when you planned it to do doesn’t mean it’s useless, you just never realized the stratagem of lightning the fire, the star performing strategy, SHINE!  It speeded up what you want to be, what you want to gain.  There’s a lot of room for improvement, move forward, changes are inevitable-except from a vending machine. 
Anyone who rejects changes is an architect of decay, if there’s anything you want and what doesn’t, to discover what works to increase your sales is a formula of success, not to have tried on anything is the true test of failure. Get ready for the opportunity it brings you, the high bounce of your online sales when you hit the bottom.
Star Performing Strategy#1 Try just one product on your home page.
 Analyze your customer most demands.  Create a clean homepage, don’t mess us with a lot of your products thinking it would gain a higher sales.  The truth is, the less product with full descriptions realized higher returns. What do I mean? The measure of your sales is not whether you have a large scale of products to promote.  FOCUS is the single ingredient. Promote your lead product to your target audience and this is a surefire, you visitors will turn into buyers offering them-one good and quality product, see how it increases your sales.
For your other products, you can lead your audience to other pages or by using follow up offers.
Star Performing Strategy#2 Boost your Opt-ins with Personal Touch
Keep in touch with your subscribers and customer’s on a daily basis.  Set up e-mail’s addresses to build and strengthen your relationships of trust and credibility.  Your opt-in offer is the easiest tool to gather these dates and offer them your best in line products or services.
The opt-in offer shows the blow on how many subscribers you magnetize?
I suggest a prominent place of your opt-in offer on your home page, if let’s assume you don’t prefer a long sales letter. More often visitor’s eyes are drawn on the top left of page—the area first visible to a visitor.  However, in a long sales letter, it is best to place within your second page of text which means you’ve already caught your visitor’s attention. Or catch the fancy of placing your opt-in-offer on every page of your website, obviously, the more sign-up prospects of subscribers you’ll achieved.
Star Performing Strategy#3 Give a big blow to promote your hover ads.
Who is not familiar with pop-ups?  A very useful tool “pop up” window when you visit a website.  Sometimes, internet users hate this tool because some software automatically blocked pop-ups to a certain site which results to miss some related information that they need.
Strike hover ads, a new technology which perform like pop-ups so then you don’t get blocked.  Test this on your site, and you’ll be amazed how your sales increased. It is tested to every growing online entrepreneurs and continuously growing businesses because of this important info, your opt-in-offer limited-time promotion, just right in the eyes of your targeted customers.
Furthermore, by placing your opt-on offer in your hover add, you will benefit a quick advance on the number of your subscriptions, and what’s more is it analyze the number of people clicks your special product page through a hover ad against a regular link you maintain on your homepage.
You should have a maximum of five minutes to convince people to stay on your site, your headline has to capture interest and twist reading more of your sales offer letter.
First Impression Is Lasting, as they say, if you want to attract a big crowd, gives a real bang to your headline.  “Deadly” for others, if you put all your thoughts to these strategies, Oh, it’s a real surefire; you’ve got to lotsa, lotsa profits. One tip, a headline that tells about your products  and benefits will drive results and boost traffic and a good reason to continue reading the rest of your pages.
Star Performing Strategy #5: Always be a Star
Show your dramatic action how you can resolve a problem.  Just a few sentences will do to back-up your headline, evidence your personal touch to their needs.
Once the confidence is established, take the time to launch the usefulness of your product that persuades customers to believe they need your product or services.
Test #6: Add credibility to your copy--and enhance your visitors' trust in you. 
Sales letter is more than just a letter.  It is important to understand the elements of your sales copy.
Credibility is at stake here, it’s yourself that speaks about your product which makes them trust you and feel comfortable to deal more in the future. A marketing piece that would lead to a great return of your investment. The single technique to effectively communicate with your visitors - Establish your credibility by sharing your testimonials evidently from e-mails from your customers. Express your personal touch and your concern to solve your customer problem. The same thing, your customers’ testimonials that shows how effective your product was and the benefits that says something like, “Your product is great!”
Feeling Star! Outline your credentials, experiences and background info related to your website that sees you more credible and qualified to meet your target customers’ needs

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