It's Time To Reveal

So back to my blogging. I have so many things on my plate for everyone. First and foremost, i have to give a big, big, BIG thank you to those who tweets me. Many great things to follow... I found an excellent tips for all of you, some tactics that would help websites turn into massive profits, which you cannot get anywhere else, whatever you want to comment, but they kept this for a long time.. and again this special revelation is from the goodwill of my son. I love every minute he’s telling me, but maybe not all the weeds of the garden, but I appreciate everything he said digging the technical side of internet marketing.

Well to speed up the topic, if you remember from my recent blog “Position yourself” is the base operation of the website. Consider the free subscription of newsletters, e-mail marketing, banner advertising, affiliate marketing, search engine optimization, e-zine advertising and direct mails. Experiment and try each system and dump ones that don’t work, and excel to what you see are effective.

This a refreshing news for all marketers and I swear coupled with a fact that it would create massive profit. Also I had stumbled on something I find useful, “The New Profit Rules” to share with you. I have some pages downloaded and hopefully I would post it on my next issue. I really find myself drawn to these topic or I should say I am starting to see the light of my goal.

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