Make The Buzz Tell Them What's Happenning!

The most important skill to build your network is how you introduce it publicly. One way to generate a widespread of your gospel is by WORD OF MOUTH to your daily acquaintances. Make a big Buzz and tell them what's happening and I guarantee in a blink of an eye, you’ll get the big hit, a Blockbuster. Create music to their ears, keep them interested and involved.

If you are dead-serious in achieving a building rock I’ll take you to the process -


Get in touch with your family and friends, colleagues; join a social group like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln, and broadcast about your business. A word of mouth marketing game plan is a chain reaction which is proven method and credible to multiply a massive turnover.


Share your blessings. They will appreciate a reward or a bonus in exchange for their effort. A good example, the newest 24 hour convenient store giving away free t-shirts with their business name printed on it. Make them feel special, a discount coupon, gift certificates, or a computer gadget, a thank you gift is worth it and a card will do best too. Considering, this chain reaction strategy will work very well for thousands.

It might not be enough –

Shed your visitors the hight quality and interesting information. Include questions and answers them in the informative way so they will view you as an expert and you’ll be able to build a powerful network and a strong relationship with your visitors.

Believe me....it's worth it.

Author: Erlyn Santillan, "Make The Buzz Tell Them What's Happening", Online Entrepreneur

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