"GOOGLE" a household word


How would you want to be called? My mom chose a very short name for me that’s why I did not had a hard time to pronounce and in writing as well when I was in grades school. The reason she named me “erlyn” she said “she remembered a student of her class who is smart in debate and English composition. There are lots of beautiful names out there, example I named my daughter “Joy” because of her sweet face, a girl named after a place which represents the beauty and culture. The 711 convenient store named after their store hours from 7:00 am up to 11:00 p.m. And so on and so forth...

Whether it’s one of the unique name in the world, it’s not necessarily your name is the name of your website, though, some you can find the very usual case. Without further ado, a domain name is characterized as a collective word visitors typed directly in the browser in searching your site. In choosing your domain name, it must be remembered that short names are very effective. Google, Yahoo, Twitter are known examples, which at first glance a nonsensical word, but this search engine become a household word today. They are single word, and easy to memorize. Short and simple name are effective for your domain name. Be creative and a bit of common sense, of course you don’t want your visitor to land in your competitor site, personal taste is what you really need. It’s not a rocket science; it’s your personal preference.

The secret is whatever name you choose for your website, don’t be frustrated, it doesn’t matter, it’s what the traffic that counts. Buy old domain, it works too! If you think you may confuse your visitor with your domain name with a similar name, try to buy that name too.

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