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After yesterday’s post on Blog Means Dollars, I decided to follow up with steps should you take to increase your followers on Twitter. Recently, Twitter announced a limit to follow people a day. Some reacted on this issue, meaning it will be more difficult to rapidly increase Twitter followers count and to get thousands of followers back are gone.

Follow erlyn1958 on Twitter Twitter as a means of social interaction and an effective marketing platform presents a direct channel to customers. I am a Home-based Mom with four grown up kids when I signed up in Twitter in 2008. Now, I’m encouraged of the new wave of online business inspired entrepreneurs. Somehow, I am brand as "online entrepreneur" without ever calling myself as one and I felt they already knew me in Twitter.

The latest information issued by market researcher Kelsey Group point out that 9 percent of small businesses now exercise Twitter accounts as public relations hot tool. The uses of Twitter as a way of being available are without limit. Provided you keep up and stay connected, not only with other entrepreneurs, but also some other companies, marketing experts and more, nothing is more effortless, an equally simple and you will benefit. The bottom line is Twitter chirrup a magic charm.

How to increase your Twitter followers?

Remember a few tweets are important at first to build dynamic viewers. Familiarize yourself with the process and in the course of action spend a moment or two what other users are hammering about on Twitter. Draw on some tools like “Find People” search, post a few lines @reply to people who are tracking on you, join and respond to topics to become aware of you and may choose to follow as well.

Don’t just be broadcasters. It’s a good gesture to know your Twitter followers and whom you are following. Use the Twitter search function to acquaint yourself to your industry and the groups talking about on the same forte. If you’ll learn this by heart, and do right things on Twitter, fresh and sweet twits will come on you following every day. What’s more! Establish a good reputation, a side view of yourself to those you follow and those who follow you. Picture yourself if you come across these people personally, it’s always an ethical to introduce yourself to get to know something about you. And most of all, express your gratitude, “a simple thanks” for those who follow you. And one last reminder when you start tweeting, you can find me @ Online Entrepreneurs.

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