Cool Tool by Google To Market Your Business Online

Google. com is kinda spokesperson of advertising online. Millions of visitors each day, Google is more than a key resources that every online entrepreneur can use to promote their online business.  As an advertising avenue Google is the easiest lane that every entrepreneur should know.  It’s not just a search engine; Google has a variety of services, a cool tool to promote your online business.

Now, to understand more let's see the key resources you can use to promote your online business.

1. Web Search
Google is the easiest way to us for free advertising. I know this is not very easy for the new starters, to achieve the highest ranking possible, but with the basic of getting the right keywords on your website to increase your popularity will help your website get on its way to the top. Catch the eye of your audience, if you want to get listed, make your first paragraph of the text count since Google looks at the first block of text.

2. Sitemaps
There is Google's spiders which constantly index your web pages, to predict accurately when they'll visit your site. It crawl your pages, however, it's uncertain that they've indexed all your web pages in one time, may be just a part of your site every single visit.

3. AdSense
This is a Google's affiliate program which ads that is visible on your website.  You'll get a percentage whenever a visitor clicks on these ads that sit on your website.  This is free to use, in other words, you are compensated each time it clicks. Sounds cool! As Google knows which ads would match to appear on your website, informative content and sales pitches.

4.  Adwords
 Google's AdWords  are ads that you create to promote your business and that Google works for you. Now that you have all the information you need to promote your business with Google, remember Google's philosophy: "Focus on the user and all else will follow." Every step of your business should be about solving a problem for your customer. Google's services and tools will help you achieve that. are three features Adwords creating advertising opportunities:
·         On the right side of the page next to Google's "organic" search results
·         On other sites as AdSense ads
·         Alongside your e-mail messages in Gmail
With Google AdWord ads, you're in control of how much they cost.  AdWords members create their own ads and bid on the keywords they want to trigger the appearance of their ads on Google and its member sites. The moment you submit your ad is posted within minutes and who knows, your ads may be featured as one of the "sponsored sites" .Googles ranking formula isn't simply calculated on the amount of money one does bid on the keyword, moreover, the formula looks kinda like this:
CPC (cost per click) x CTR (click-through rate) = Ranking

Everything has been figured out; the cool tools you need to promote your business with Google. Oh! one thing we should not forget:
The Google's Philosophy -
"Focus on the user, and all else will follow"

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