Get Massive Traffic on Over 10000 Google Indexed blogs

Introducing a new way to get massive traffic by creating a quality, relevant backlinks to your web site. This service allows to add 4 different types of permanent text links on over 10000 different blog web sites with hundreds of different topics. It provides a unique benefit with regards to increasing search engine rankings an link popularity. Learn from Textlinks.com, they offer a promo for 21 days free trial. Register for an account and enjoy this amazing benefits:
  • Ability to place a variety of different text links on over 10,000 Google indexed blogs
  • All text links are lifetime permanent links
  • Ability to point text links to an unlimited number of domains and subpages
  • Ability to have unlimited number of varied anchor texts
  • Ability to place your links on relevant blogs based on keyword searches
  • Easy to use control panel interface
  • Simple reporting telling how many and where you placed your text links
  • Ability to place your text links at your own pace
  • Ability to add YouTube videos and images into your Blog Post at no additional cost
  • Ability to add up to 3 text links in each Blog Post at no additional cost
  • All links are monitored. If one is ever removed, your link credits are returned to your account
Textlinks.com offers 4 different types of text links to choose from: Each of your text links can be managed from a simple user control panel which will allow you to search and browse for the best and most relevant blogs on which to add your text links.

1.  Contextual Links
2.  Blog Posts Links
3.  Sidebar Links
4.  Footer Links  

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