How To Make Your Blog Keywords Friendly

When you are establishing your blog, make sure that you utilize the accurate magic strategy of marketing free tools and resources or surf around the net to discover what I mean. Always be cautious on free tools, there are some fly-by-nights tools, with hidden catches, a sure no-win situation.

Of course, there are reliable tools and resources that are cost-effective and free to harmonize your existing tools at no cost at all, to strengthen your site and, make it stickier and a user-friendly site. Make your keywords effective to find potential audience and customers. Once your business is established, use keywords that will attract the people who are most likely have the interest or buy your products, and you need those keywords throughout your web pages.

In the internet technology, online business, keyword is very effective for market research, most importantly; the intention people use search engine is to find a quick solution to their necessity. Every day, there’s a mass of information about what people are searching for—a potential prospects to be analyzed, and this is the logic of keyword research.

Feel the demands in the market and sense the data that search engine provides, acquaint yourself with people seeking answers to and not getting many results, who knows you might be one of the fortunate to develop a product to serve the market, ohhhh!!! You’ve already won half the battle!
Give yourself a try, And you may be wondering if it's worth and mastered the keyword research process, a surefire, you will unlocked the door to great career of online success.

1.    It is recommended to use one word to describe a passion or interest, e.g. flowers,
2.   To generate problem statements in your keyword research tool, combine your interest word with "how", e.g., "how flowers." Check Google's free Adwords Keyword Tool for brainstorming process.
3.    Record the "action words" that come up, e.g., "how flowers grow," "how flowers reproduce.” People use different terms search the internet to solve a problem they have.
4.    From that list, analyze some problems that you have the interest to solve.
5.    Discover more to express your interest word and action word, you can go to Thesaurus.com or the new Google Sets to find similar terms quickly and easily
6.    Use your imagination, be creative.  Add words like action phrases into your paid keyword tool--you'll get a long list of real searches that people usually do in searching, e.g,” grow flowers from seed”, “growing flowers indoors."
7.    Now, sort out your best keywords into groups according to the action being performed, e.g., growing, fast, low, and from there you group specific problems and investigate.
8.    Evaluate which has the largest clusters and add up the number of actual searches—now you can see the sights, with a large group with lots of searches is worth exploring further and these extra large clusters indicates that a large number of people are trying to solve the same problem.

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