Mom Online Entrepreneur Joins Hubpages “Eat, Drink and Be Hubbalicious Contest

I had every intention of preparing a new recipes on every holiday season, but ooopsss... but more often I got utterly sidetracked of my daughter , that’s Joy, “you should not cooked that way” .  I felt my brain is completely fried whenever I hear these unpleasant remarks.

It’s my eldest son birthday on June 17. RIP, he passed away ten years ago, it's a family tradition ---- to celebrate his birthday every year.  I have been rolling some recipes ideas around in my head.  Again, I am being repetitive to ask my daughter her suggestion, just ask her, anyway.  All the time, I surf the net for something new, just in time hubpages comes up with brilliant idea involving food “Eat, Drink, and Be Hubbalicious Contest beginning on June 1 about recipes to ingredient guides, this is so cool and I find it to be memorable that there is no way for me not join on this writing contest. I do, seriously folks. I am going to make it my personal mission to write all about different recipes or try them all.  Since the month of May is nearly half over, I have all the time to... I guess that leaves a little bit of surprise.

Wow! Thanks for a lot of suggestions from my friends.  Today, I will start my list for hubpages, most excellent contest.  Did you all happen to see the Hubpages Contest?   I like their idea of having lots of different food-related topics from recipes to ingredient guides, global cuisines, and kitchen techniques. How fun!  Dare, I admit, this is my first time to join in culinary writing skills.  I know I want to.  This is entirely different matter from what I am doing in “Mom Online Entrepreneur”. 

Yummy... until then have the best food in June, won’t you? Let’s all dream big!!!


  1. well and nice topic... I wanna join too!!!

  2. Great topic. I salute to all supermoms out there!

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